Kairon Labs was officially founded in Belgium near the end of 2018 as a dedicated algorithmic trading service. During the ICO boom in 2017 and the following retracement in 2018 we noticed a large need for ethical market making in this nascent market.

Being in the centre of Europe, we have a long term commitment to the crypto market and are dedicated to transparency and self regulation.

Team Experience

Execution is key to success in business.

Kairon Labs consists out of a small team with a proven track record in traditional finance, entrepreneurship and emerging markets such as crypto.

Our core team has been working together trading crypto and making markets for over 2 years before forming the new Kairon Labs entity.

Prior to crypto trading we leverage 8+ years of experience building trading software for traditional FX markets.

The most important person in the team, our CTO and Head of Quantitive Trading carries a wealth of experience having previously worked as the enterprise architect for one of the biggest banks in Belgium.

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