We are highly specialized in market making for utility tokens.
  • Alt coins have little organic trading volume. ​This is why they are heavily impacted during bear and bull markets.

  • Exchanges will delist projects due to lack of volume ​(e.g. Huobi & OKex).

  • Most crypto market makers are too expensive to be worth it.

  • Whales impact the market by dumping tokens.

  • There is a large gap between bid-ask prices on exchanges resulting in slippage when trading.

  • Insufficient risk management. The client's precious market making liquidity gets burned when the market takes a sudden downturn.

  • Improving liquidity depth in the order books.

  • Lowering the spread between the bid & ask.

  • Supporting price and stability.

  • Tracking (whale) wallets through our full Ethereum and Binance Chain tracking software.

  • Algorithms with built in safety features.​

  1. In depth analysis of the order book, project status and whale wallets.

  2. Client provides API access to their market making accounts for the exchanges they are listed on.

  3. We start testing strategies on a small scale based on our previous analysis.

  4. After analysing test results we start deploying market making strategies.

  5. Constant, 24/7 tweaking of trading strategies and follow up by our traders.

  6. Direct communication with project through Wechat, Telegram, Whatsapp,...

  7. Biweekly written report to track enhanced trading volumes, P&L, macro tendencies,...

  8. Conference call every 2 weeks to discuss strategy.

Note: our clients keep custody of their funds at all times, Kairon Labs executes trades through API access and does not require rights to withdraw the funds being used.

More details?
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