Exchange introductions through our network
  • Listing fees on most exchanges are very expensive.

  • Hard to differentiate the exchanges with real volume and userbase from the ones providing fake numbers.

  • Almost impossible to reach top exchanges to introduce your project for listing.

  • To maximize listing results a well thought out strategy is crucial.

  • Exchanges get hacked or go bankrupt causing tokens in their custody to go lost.

  • Providing introductions to our network of trusted partner exchanges.

  • Ensuring the exchange that Kairon Labs will take care of the market making increases its confidence that the much needed liquidity, spreads and trading volume will be up to par with their standards. This will attract more organic trading activity. 

  1. Introducing your project directly to senior level people at the exchange of your choice and checking their interest in listing your digital asset.

  2. Introducing your team directly via Email, Telegram or Wechat to the listing team at the exchange.

  3. Helping you prepare the necessary legal opinion letters, smart contract audits and questionnaires to pass the due diligence with flying colours.

  4. Following up and assisting with the listing negotiations leveraging our contacts at the exchange.

  5. For our market making clients we do not charge a fee for this service as we are happy to help them get listed on top tier exchanges. Kairon Labs as a market maker also benefits from more organic trading activity, stable API connections and advanced trading infrastructure.

More details?
We are here to assist. Reach us on Telegram, Wechat or email.

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